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Oil & Gas Logistics & Shipping Services

The Energy industry will always remain a driving force in the world’s economy. Transportation of the highly specialized equipment and materials used in energy exploration and the delivery of finished products requires knowledge and experience that many logistics companies may be unaware of. Aeronet knows what it takes for the safe transportation of these types of shipments.

Aeronet Worldwide provides oil and gas logistics and shipping services
Aeronet Worldwide provides oil and gas logistics and shipping services

Upstream Solutions

Aeronet can support upstream operations with the delivery of drilling equipment, spares, and site supplies, domestically and internationally. Our experience in providing urgent shipping solutions means that we can deliver crucial “rig down” replacement parts in the quickest and most compliant manner. By offering 24 x 7 x 52 coverage, Aeronet will always be there when you need us.

Downstream Solutions

Aeronet is able to support your downstream operations with the movement of oils, lubricants, and chemicals, including the use of specialized equipment, such as flexitanks. By adhering to strict HSE policies and dangerous goods requirements, Aeronet will ensure the safe conveyance of your product.

Out of Gauge (OOG) Solutions

Aeronet knows that energy shipments are rarely a simple pallet of freight. Our experience with OOG and project cargo ensures secure delivery of your cargo, regardless of the size or weight.

Purchase Order Management

Aeronet provides purchase order management solutions for your suppliers. Through our proprietary Aerotrac® system, you have visibility into the status of each PO, ensuring that inventory levels are accurate.

“Your collaboration was key to overcome initial challenges, while providing improvements in total lead times with improved visibility of goods in transit and faster turnaround on priority shipments.”

Healthcare Technology Client

Minneapolis, MN

“Your constant dedication and perseverance with our account is outstanding.”

Pharmaceutical Client

Exton, PA

“The packing, labeling, and wrapping were on point, and Aeronet’s shipping, delivery, and communication were excellent.”

Imaging Equipment Client

Concord, NC

“I’ve been working in the transportation over 33 years. Aeronet is by far the best I’ve ever worked with, and I look forward to continue the business relationship for years to come!”

Healthcare Equipment Client

Franklin Lakes, NJ

“Projects like this (simultaneously managing 988 shipments) that require so much logistical support is why I continue to tout the Aeronet support experience.”

Telecommunications Client

San Jose, CA

“Aeronet has been a critical part of our supply chain and logistics operations for more than a decade. Whether it’s handling critical domestic shipments, intra-Asia transportation, or import shipments across the globe, I rely upon their excellent service, support, and professionalism.”

Connected Home Equipment Client

Centennial, CO

“Your knowledge and expertise with the import process, Customs clearance, and ability to manage the documentation was crucial to the completion of the delivery. Aeronet is a strategic resource we are grateful to have access to for our ongoing projects.”

Construction Client

Parker, CO

“I cannot express how thankful I am for your super quick responses to this nightmare of an order. You guys have totally made this easy for me, and I am so happy to be working with you.”

Commercial Signage Client

Santa Clara, CA

“You have made my job so much easier and I really appreciate you going above and beyond for us.”

Manufacturing Client

Riverside, CA

“You have shown us that we are a priority to you, and that makes everything run smoothly for us. We feel we have made the correct decision in coming to Aeronet, and hope that this relationship lasts for a long time.”

Infrastructure Solutions Client

Fort Myers, FL

“Thank you for the flawless execution. Very impressive level of customer service.”

Business Management Consulting Client

Newport Beach, CA

“You have a great team. They have made me feel respected and valued, and truly make my job so much easier. They are a joy to work with.”

Telecommunications Client

Plano, TX

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Since 1982, Aeronet has been a family-owned company dedicated to providing the very best in global logistics solutions and freight services. With associates and partners connected to every major airport and seaport throughout the world, Aeronet is fully capable to handle your cargo and Make It Happen One Shipment at a Time®.

Aeronet Worldwide logistics, air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight services

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