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Founded in 1982, Aeronet is a family-owned company dedicated to providing the very best in global logistics solutions and freight services. Driven by our company culture of INTEGRITY • COMMITMENT • PASSION, our associates across the U.S. work as a team to provide the very best services to our clients.

Aeronet recognizes the importance of our Associates and we have many internal programs to focus on their well-being and development. We provide company benefits, such as profit sharing and 401(k) programs; medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans; and competitive paid time-off.

Attracting and retaining high quality talent is critical for our long-term growth. Therefore, are you ready to join a hard-working and enjoyable team at a successful and thriving company?

Aeronet Worldwide: Integrity • Commitment • Passion
Aeronet Worldwide logistics, air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight services

What it’s like to work at Aeronet

“Aeronet has been an extremely welcoming company. The open-door policy of (Chairman and CEO) Tony Pereira, and his upper-management staff, has been an amazing tool for me and my growth here at Aeronet! From my first day, the answer has been, “Yes,” to the business opportunities – no matter size or scope. As a sales representative, that is a huge plus! I also appreciate the company’s push to grow. It is a secure feeling knowing that we are making moves in the industry, and not just standing still.”

Aeronet Los Angeles

“Working at Aeronet has been a very motivating experience. Running the San Diego office has provided many opportunities to think outside the box, which allows us to mold solutions that work for our clients. In the same respect, company-wide observance of our core values (of Integrity, Commitment, and Passion) has provided me with peers and co-workers who are exceptionally supportive, capable, and are like one big family always around to support one’s efforts. This family-type environment also allows ideas to be heard from every level in the organization, supporting the tremendous growth that Aeronet has seen.”

Aeronet San Diego

“Working for Aeronet has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Working with leadership that, above all, holds integrity as its core value creates an incomparable work culture. It’s very satisfying to go to work in an environment where you can feel appreciated and motivated. From Sales to Warehousing, we all work together to accomplish an objective.”

Aeronet Los Angeles

“If you want to work for a company where you feel like a valued member of the team, look no further. The kindness and support you receive as a new associate at Aeronet is never-ending … Really! This is a place that allows you to thrive in your full and unique potential among an incredible group of people who truly care. Work is fun again!”

Aeronet Atlanta

Aeronet Worldwide logistics, air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight services

What Aeronet’s clients are saying

“You have shown us that we are a priority to you, and that makes everything run smoothly for us. We feel we have made the correct decision in coming to Aeronet, and hope that this relationship lasts for a long time.”

Infrastructure Solutions Client
Fort Myers, FL

“Aeronet has been a critical part of our supply chain and logistics operations for more than a decade. Whether it’s handling critical domestic shipments, intra-Asia transportation, or import shipments across the globe, I rely upon their excellent service, support, and professionalism.”

Connected Home Equipment Client
Centennial, CO

“I’ve been working in the transportation over 33 years. Aeronet is by far the best I’ve ever worked with, and I look forward to continue the business relationship for years to come!”

Healthcare Equipment Client
Franklin Lakes, NJ

“Your knowledge and expertise with the import process, Customs clearance, and ability to manage the documentation was crucial to the completion of the delivery. Aeronet is a strategic resource we are grateful to have access to for our ongoing projects.”

Construction Client
Parker, CO

Aeronet Worldwide logistics, air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight services

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