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Cold Chain Logistics & Shipping Services

With cold chain shipments, it’s important to utilize the right equipment, resources, and timing. Aeronet places an emphasis on the right balance of all these aspects, ensuring temperature is maintained, and timely deliveries are made.

Communication and attention to detail are crucial with cold chain shipments. Status updates, temperature monitoring, and observing freight re-icing times factor into maintaining cargo integrity. In some cases, millions of dollars of product are at stake.

Aeronet Worldwide provides automotive cold chain logistics and shipping services

When it comes to dry ice moves, there’s a misconception that ambient warehouse temperature will affect it most. However, dry ice sublimates faster if boxes and pallet shippers are not properly sealed. This is something that Aeronet pays keen attention to.

As an alternative to dry ice, Aeronet can also provide thermal protection of your shipment through Phase Change Material (PCM). The use of this material allows for more precise temperature control during transit, and insulates your cargo from external temperature fluctuations.

Cold Chain Shipment Options

  • Next Flight Out & Next Day options
  • Dry ice moves prior to 12:00 PM or 8:00 AM
  • Re-icing capabilities — domestic & international
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) thermal protection alternative
  • Active container options available
  • GPS shipment tracking

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