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Aeronet provides a complete range of time-definite government logistics services for domestic and international. We specialize in handling mission critical transportation tailored to the unique needs of government agencies.

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Global Coverage
Our global footprint extends to over 160 countries, with an extensive network of 600+ Partners worldwide.

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Highly Classified
Aeronet conducts pre-employment screenings, background checks, and application verifications. All associates at our certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSF) are TSA-certified. We provide specialized personnel, with ITAR / EAR experience, who understand and have been trained in the complex requirements of being ITAR-compliant. To ensure compliance, key elements of our standard operating procedures include, but are not limited to, 22 CFR 123.9(b) regulations, DSP-73s and SP-61s, proper classification for SME (Significant Military Equipment) for AES entry, and procedural training for common exemptions. We also comply with all specifications for military packaging and crating.

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Security & Risk Management
We are fully compliant with security mandates, training, certifications, and implementation of programs that ensure the safety and integrity of the supply chain process. We deliver high-tech and high-value cargo for installation, and network redeployment in Federal government buildings and military installation sites. Our extensive knowledge of the industry, and equipment handling, ensures for safe, secure, and seamless delivery. Aeronet features secured access control to all facilities, assets, and cargo, including procedural security against un-manifested or non-reported material.

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