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International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Compliance

More than ever before, companies need to comply with all U.S. export regulations. Compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is both necessary and worthwhile. Enforcement actions by regulatory agencies are increasing. Companies and their decision-makers face exceptionally high legal fines, and even criminal penalties, for ITAR violations. There are also considerable business and public relations consequences for non-compliance.

Aeronet provides specialized personnel, with ITAR/EAR experience, who understand and have been trained in the complex requirements of being ITAR-compliant. To ensure compliance, key elements of our standard operating procedures include:

Aeronet Worldwide provides logistics and shipping services for ITAR compliance
  • Current copies of ITAR regulations and Written Export Control Business Plan on file.
  • Destination Control Statement must appear on both the invoice and the bill of lading to meet 22 CFR 123.9(b) regulations.
  • Certified Customs brokers capable of dealing with DSP-73s and DSP-61s, or repair items.
  • Ongoing training to ensure familiarity with common licenses, and what they represent (DSP-5, DSP-73, DSP-61). This includes knowing what must be lodged with CBP, as opposed to requiring endorsement by the CBP.
  • Procedural training for common exemptions (repair, trade show, models and mock-ups, etc.).
  • Proper classification for SME (Significant Military Equipment) for AES entry.
  • Precautions in place to ensure that overseas partners/consignees understand the implications of diversion, and the specific nature of each license.
  • Document retention or uploading of all AES transmissions, bills of lading or airway bill, entry documents, etc.
  • Dedicated personnel to oversee all ITAR / EAR needs.

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