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Aeronet Handles Fulfilment for California Skincare Company

Case study of eCommerce fulfillment services for Youth To The People
Case study of eCommerce fulfillment services for Youth To The People

Service Utilized:

Early in 2020, Aeronet Worldwide was awarded an assembly and kitting eCommerce contract from skincare brand Youth to the People. As an L.A.-based, family-owned company, it was a perfect fit for Aeronet – also family-owned. Youth To The People’s largest client is Sephora, and they also sell to other retail outlets, including Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Free People. Aeronet Los Angeles was tasked with utilizing its fulfillment resources at one of the company’s largest facilities.

Connected with Youth To The People’s eCommerce system, Aeronet received daily orders, pulled the required inventory, and built the individual orders for shipping.

Shortly after taking on this project, the COVID-19 situation hit, resulting in a sharp increase in online ordering. At that point, the Aeronet team had to pivot to handle daily orders ranging anywhere from 800 to 1,000 shipment drops.

With Youth To The People’s peak season occurring around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Aeronet Los Angeles boosted their fulfillment capacity even further, in order to handle an approximate 300% increase in shipments.

Aeronet Worldwide’s ecommerce fulfillment capabilities have expanded to its other facilities around the country, as the company continues to perform seamless integration with its clients’ eCommerce ordering systems.

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