EV Charging Infrastructure

As a manufacturer or supplier in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle industry, you know that the increasing number of all-electric models hitting the market has accelerated the need for available charging stations. This has spawned a competitive industry of public, fast-charging units installed in various parking lots, parking structures, and businesses. In order to keep up with the many players in this industry, you need a logistics ally with experience.

Despite the relative newness of the industry, Aeronet has already become experienced working with your industry peers in designing unique solutions – whether it be for AC Level 2 or DC fast charging – we can provide you with much needed guidance in charging station and renewable energy logistics.

Supply Chain Design

Engaging Aeronet at the early stages of your production planning cycle can help ensure an efficient supply chain process that is integrated with your network of public chargers.

EV Industry Expertise

Aeronet’s knowledge with this industry ensures we properly prepare your cargo by using durable packaging, observing weight and dimensions, coordinating with on-site personnel at the destination, and adhering to any applicable regulations.

Strategic Warehouse Locations & Custom WMS

Aeronet features fully staffed, secure warehouses across the U.S., which are also conveniently located close to major metropolitan areas. Additionally, we have access to over 300 partner warehouses worldwide. Aeronet can also provide you with a customizable WMS (warehouse management system) that will ensure the highest level of accuracy and accounting, efficient shipping, and a minimizing of cost for your products and OEM parts in storage.

Global Network

Aeronet leverages our vast network in order to find the best and fastest option available. With agents connected to every major airport and seaport around the world, we are able to transport your freight anywhere, and also find the most cost-effective solution. Aeronet is also able to provide Customs brokerage services.

Tracking & Communication

Shipment visibility is crucial to ensure on-time delivery, and Aeronet will facilitate effective communication throughout the process, in order to address any issues that may arise during transit.

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