Wind Power

As a company in the wind power energy industry, you are entrenched in a rapidly growing sector generating ways to harness kinetic energy that brings the world a clean, renewable source of power that provides sustainable energy. Crucial to the industry are large and complex equipment, including wind turbines and their components, such as blades, generators, and control systems. Shipping these components and parts requires specialized expertise and knowledge to ensure safe and timely delivery. It is important to partner with an experienced logistics service provider that can provide transportation with the utmost care and attention to detail, and take into consideration several key components.

Appropriate Packaging

Aeronet provides proper and secure packaging solutions that prevent damage during transit. This may involve specialized packaging materials and techniques, such as using cushioning materials to protect fragile components or securing oversized parts onto specialized transportation vehicles.

Transportation Options

Aeronet strategically choses the most efficient routes, modes of transportation, and any necessary permits or Customs clearance requirements.

Environmental Impact

Aeronet takes into consideration the environmental impact when devising a transportation solution for your freight. Sustainability and carbon footprint reduction should be a priority when selecting a logistics service provider, and there are several environmentally friendly options available, such as using electric or hybrid vehicles during the process.

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