Logistics for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

As a manufacturer or supplier in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle industry, you know that the increasing number of all-electric models hitting the market has accelerated the need for available charging stations. This has generated a separate, competitive industry where you want to ensure your units are the ones installed in various parking lots and structures. In order to keep up with the many players in this industry, you need a logistics ally with experience.

Despite the newness of the industry, Aeronet Worldwide has already become experienced working with your industry peers in designing unique solutions, and we can provide you with much needed guidance in charging station logistics.

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Supply Chain Design

Engaging Aeronet at the early stages of your production planning cycle can help ensure an efficient supply chain process.

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Strategic Warehouse Locations

Aeronet features fully staffed, secure warehouses across the U.S., which are also conveniently located close to major airports and seaports. Additionally, we have access to over 300 partner warehouses worldwide.

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Full Global Network

We leverage our global network in order to find the best and fastest option available. With agents connected to every major airport and seaport around the world, we are able to transport your freight anywhere, and also create a cost-effective distribution plan.

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Customs Brokerage Services

We provide traditional and specialized service, including Carnet, Transit-In-Bond (TIBS), and Temporary Imports. Aeronet even has the ability to find trading companies to act as Exporter of Record for difficult product procurements. Also, ask about our VAT Deferment program and Fiscal Representation throughout Europe.

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Warehouse Management Systems

Aeronet’s customizable WMS ensure the highest level of accuracy and accounting, fast and reliable shipping, safe handling, and a minimizing of cost for your products in storage.

Tell us about your freight needs. We would like to propose a solution!

More about Aeronet Worldwide:

For nearly 40 years, Aeronet has been a family-owned company dedicated to providing global logistics solutions for its clients. With associates and partners connected to every major airport and seaport throughout the world, there is no shipment too large or complex.

Aeronet provides air, ground, and ocean freight services – with a number a specialties – including: expedited shipping, import / export, critical shipping, full truckload (FTL) logistics, warehousing, ecommerce order fulfillment, kitting, and distribution services, government cargo logistics, white glove services, project cargo and capital equipment logistics, trade show logistics, and electric vehicle charging logistics.

Aeronet features a National Control Center, which extends our coverage and visibility 24 x 7.

Aeronet also has a dedicated eSolutions team, which can develop customized warehouse management systems and perform seamless API integration.