United States/Mexico border consolidation LTL

United States/Mexico Border Express LTL Consolidation

Aeronet’s Border Express LTL is an engineered program that consists of consolidating materials supply, from multiple North American suppliers, to create scheduled trucks and service to United States/Mexico border points in a Just-in-Time (JIT) manner.

Suppliers utilize our proprietary Aerotrac® system to schedule shipments and load all required documents, which provides real-time visibility to the manufacturer’s materials management team.

This consolidation program is managed through our “control tower” approach utilizing the resources of Aeronet Dallas. This approach maximizes truck capacity, reduces unnecessary costs, and enhances communication to the client, resulting in effective supply chain management.

Aeronet Worldwide logistics, air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight services

Program Features

  • Less than 3 business days average transit time
  • Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Los Angeles LTL consolidations
  • On-time delivery performance greater than 98.5%
  • Morning delivery to major U.S./Mexico border port locations
  • Quarterly business reviews to ensure accountability and document performance
  • Efficient and effective utilization of logistics equipment, reducing shipment damage and focusing on quality control
  • Mobile tracking on every trailer
  • Simplified pricing for effective budgeting and auditing (no LTL freight class utilization)
  • Enhanced supplier alignment and communication
Aeronet Worldwide logistics, air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight services

Program Benefits

  • Faster transit times and greater reliability, resulting in lower safety stock and required inventories on-hand
  • Same-day Customs clearance and entry into Mexico
  • Enhanced communication and KPI management
  • Shipment claim ratios less than 0.005%
  • 24 x 7 x 52 visibility of the supply chain
  • Scheduled materials pickup for greater control and supplier accountability
  • Greater cost control through capacity management and consolidation

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