Unloading a pallet shipment for white glove services

What to Know About White Glove Services

White glove services are a premium offering in the logistics industry, which provides a high level of care and attention to detail. This service is designed for those clients who require additional care for their valuable or sensitive cargo. In white glove logistics, customers can expect special treatment, including everything from packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, white glove logistics service providers can handle a wide range of cargo types, including high-value and sensitive items, medical devices, product rollouts, trade show exhibits, equipment for concerts and public events, retail displays, and mobile kiosks. Here are the different types of white glove services used in shipping and logistics:

Rigging services involve the use of specialized equipment and techniques to move heavy, bulky, or oversized items. This includes cranes, hoists, and specialized lifting equipment to transport cargo safely and efficiently. Rigging services are often used to move equipment and machinery for construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

Crating services involve the creation of custom-made wooden crates to securely transport high-value or sensitive cargo. Uncrating services involve the careful unpacking and removal of goods from the wooden crate. These services are ideal for the transportation of fragile, high-value items, such as pieces of art, antiques, and electronics.

White glove services also include delivery and setup of the cargo to the final destination. This can include light assembly and installation in the designated space. This service is particularly useful for retail displays, product rollouts, and trade show exhibits.

Debris removal is a service that covers the disposal of any packaging materials, such as wooden crates or pallets. The white glove services provider will remove all the debris, ensuring that the customer’s space is left clean and tidy.

Depending on the type of cargo, white glove logistics service providers might need special equipment to handle the job. For example, in the case of medical devices, specialized equipment, such as temperature-controlled containers and GPS tracking systems, are needed to ensure the safe and secure transportation of cargo.

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