Market Brief from Aeronet Worldwide

MARKET BRIEF | April 2023

Automated Terminals Targeted in LA-LB Job Actions

Port of Long Beach

The latest job actions from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 13 reportedly targeted the automated facilities in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, such as Long Beach Container Terminal. Longshore workers at these ports have recently kept up a campaign of job actions, as contract talks with employers near the one-year mark. A resolution to this conflict is not at all imminent. Members of ILWU Local 13 have been red-tagging cargo-handling equipment at three automated terminals. A red tag designates the equipment as unsafe, forcing an inspection. Although the equipment in question was fine, the time-consuming tactics have forced the terminals to halt operations anywhere from eight hours to an entire day. The targeting of automated terminals comes after Local 13 (the largest ILWU chapter on the West Coast) engaged in various tactics at most of the ports’ container terminals. Even though their focus has been mostly on automated terminals, job action taken at conventional terminals has occurred sporadically. The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) has accused Local 13 of carrying out these illegal tactics, which are disrupting activities at the ports.

Updates on Vessel Wait Times

Container ship at sea

Vessels continue to be pushed further off the schedule. This has been caused by blank sailings, port congestion, and the continuous increase of import volume over the past two years. Here are the latest vessel wait times across U.S ports:

East Coast:

  • New York / New Jersey – 1 day
  • Norfolk – 2 days


  • Charleston – 1 day
  • Fort Lauderdale – 2 days
  • Savannah – 2 days

Gulf Coast:

  • Houston – 2 days

West Coast:

  • Los Angeles / Long Beach – 4 days
  • Oakland – 3 days
  • Seattle – 2 days

Why Additional Cargo Insurance Can Be Necessary

Overturned truck

A reality of shipping anything is that there are inherent risks involved in transportation that are outside of anyone’s control. Even though your logistics service provider (LSP) works with a network of carriers they trust, accidents can still happen. In the event of cargo damage or loss, the industry standard liability coverage is limited. Therefore, it’s good to have peace of mind in the form of additional cargo insurance. As with any other type of insurance, you don’t think you need it until you don’t have it. Therefore, it good to have an LSP that will purchase the policy for you, and manage any claims that happen to arise. Cargo insurance, above standard liability, is especially important when dealing with high-value cargo, such as high-tech equipment/components and electronics; government-related shipments; pharmaceuticals/health sciences equipment; cargo needing temperature-control; sensitive equipment; or anything considered “one of a kind.”

What to Know About Warehousing Services

Logistics service provider warehouse

Warehousing is an essential component of logistics and supply chain management. It covers the storage of goods in a warehouse facility until they are needed for distribution. Logistics service providers (LSPs) play a vital role in warehousing services, as they provide various types of warehousing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their customers. Let’s review the different types of warehousing services provided by LSPs, the equipment needed, warehouse management systems used, insurance, TSA requirements, and security features … READ MORE

Aeronet Atlanta Makes a Significant Upgrade

Aeronet Atlanta

Aeronet Worldwide’s Atlanta station has made a massive upgrade. Previously in a smaller facility, with limited warehouse space, they move into a new 200,493 square foot facility. With the drastic change in size comes the ability for Aeronet to have a true flagship presence in the Southeast, and to also be a comprehensive logistics solutions provider of storage, transloading, eCommerce fulfillment, and distribution … READ MORE

Michael LeBlanc Named General Manager of Aeronet San Francisco

Michael LeBlanc has been hired to head Aeronet Worldwide’s San Francisco station, which just expanded its operation by moving into an 84,000 square foot facility. Mr. LeBlanc brings a vast amount of energy and experience that he has gained over 16 years of experience in the logistics industry … READ MORE