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NCBFAA, CAAAREM sign voluntary cooperation agreement to enhance US-Mexico trade

Apr 29 2016

On April 20, at its 2016 Annual Conference National Custom Brokers & Forwarders Association of America Inc., (NCBFAA) President Geoffrey Powell signed a voluntary cooperation agreement with Confederación De Asociaciones De Agentes Aduanales De La República Mexicana, A.C., (CAAAREM) President Jose Antonio Vidales Flores.


The Agreement establishes the scope of private sector activities between NCBFAA and CAAAREM that will enhance the competitiveness of U.S.-Mexican trade by facilitating “trade practices, ensuring security and lawful practices in the supply chain and generating growth and prosperity” for their respective countries.


In addition, the agreement calls for collaborative efforts to increase the professionalism of those involved in “facilitating foreign trade, promoting and supporting companies and increasing exports and imports.”


Under the agreement, NCBFAA and CAAAREM will support each other by:

  • Conducting coordinated certification processes to enhance the skills of those engaged in international trade.
  • Exchanging strategic trade information for timely analysis and engaging in joint efforts to facilitate and improve the supply chain security.
  • Promoting best trade practices and increasing business transparency.
  • Marketing each organization to the other’s members through various communication mechanisms.
  • Defining methods to support the exchange of knowledge in foreign trade, both in practice and theory.

By AJOT | April 20, 2016 

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