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RFID Inventory Systems, Inc. Introduces Its Patent Pending Tower Inventory System

Apr 28 2016

TIS Helps Warehouse Owners Realize RFID Efficiencies

Temecula, CA - The Tower Inventory System (TIS) is a dynamic Passive Radio Frequency Identification (pRFID) inventory scanning solution that enables faster cycle counts at a fraction the typical industry cost. The TIS also allows for flexibility of inventory reconciliation audits and simple software integration into current Supply Chain Management databases.


The TIS is self-contained and is comprised of four 6’ pRFID panels stacked vertically to create a 24’ mobile array that includes: a battery, battery charger, inverter, PC to power/communicate with 4 pRFID readers and 16 RFID antennas. This TIS is designed to conduct autonomous cycle counts and inventory reconciliation while being transported throughout a warehouse by a single forklift operator.


Reducing the time required and labor associated with cycle counts allows warehouse owners the ability to perform more frequent cycle counts (daily/weekly) without disrupting day to day activities. These more frequent cycle counts allow warehouse personnel the ability to identify and correct the errors in a timely manner while maintaining the accuracy of the database at a high level. Other benefits of frequent cycle counts include:


Fewer lost items

Better location accuracy of stored items

Less time looking for misplaced items

Better database = fewer spares required to be stored in a warehouse

TIS open architecture software is developed by T&W Operations and is customizable for users who have unique requirements. The TIS software is designed so that users of varying computer literacy can easily operate the software to conduct cycle counts and generate reconciliation reports with little training. The elegant design of the TIS software also allows for easy exchange of data between the TIS and existing Supply Chain Management databases.


The TIS uses pRFID hardware manufactured by Alien Technology. The ALR-F800 reader’s discrete architecture offers substantial improvements in function and performance over existing products in the market, enabling new levels of flexibility for system enhancements and future proofing. The improvements including the ability to adjust its behavior to the rapidly changing warehouse environment and the inclusion of industry standard MicroSD and USB for adding memory and additional extensibility to other I/O such as cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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