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Enhanced Equipment to Handle Large Ships

Apr 14 2016

Terminal operators need ever more cargo-handling equipment to handle vessels with capacities of more than 8,800 teu. These firms require large mobile cranes that can handle 20 container rows across and nine containers stacked on deck. A new variant of the diesel-electric Terex Gottwald model 8 mobile harbour crane has now been developed to meet demand.

The new G HMK 8412 has a higher tower with a correspondingly higher boom pivot point, as well as a tower cab featuring a crane operator eye level of 43 m. The crane's outreach has been extended to 61 m. It has a powerful lifting capacity curve, offering terminal operators 24% greater capacity in the end range of its outreach, which means a lifting capacity of 50 t even at maximum radius. It also has a lifting capacity of 41 t under the spreader and is thus capable of effectively serving three container bays next to each other, even in the 20th row, without having to travel along the side of the vessel.

By: International Transport Journal | April 12, 2016

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