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Slip & Fall Accidents Driving Up Insurance Claims on Container Ships

Mar 24 2016

The Swedish Club, an organisation that focusses on marine safety and loss prevention, studied thousands of incidents across a range of vessel segments and claims types over the last decade. The club found that seafarers on containerships need to watch their step, as almost 60% of all slips and falls occur on such vessels, and the cost per claim and the number of claims are both rising in the boxship sector.


Meanwhile, those working on bulk carriers must take care to avoid cargo damage, as such the bulkers account for both the highest average cargo claims cost and the most frequent claims over the last ten years. The proper treatment of cargo seems to prove a challenge across all market sectors: by far the most frequent claims are for improper cargo handling, making up over 30% of the total claims.


At the same time the most expensive claims come from the problem of inherent vice. Operators can take comfort from the fact that there are only about 1% of expensive cargo claims above USD 500,000. However this was 50% of the overall claims cost for 2013 and 30% for 2014. And while claims in the USD 1 to USD 5,000 cost interval fell by almost 50% between 2013 and 2014, those in the USD 5,000 to USD 50,000 cost interval rose by about 30%.


Illness and injury claims statistics show that slips and falls are the biggest concern on all three types of vessels studied, causing over 44% of claims and making up the same percentage of costs.

By International Transport Journal | March 24, 2016

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