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New Fire-Resistant Airfreight Containers Being Developed

Mar 16 2016

The Japanese company Teijin Aramid and Macro Industries from the Netherlands have agreed to jointly develop, manufacture and market more durable, fire-resistant airfreight containers. Super strong, lightweight Twaron fibre will be used to create the new unit load devices (ULDs) that meets the high safety standards in aviation.


The agreement represents Teijin Aramid’s goal to collaborate with partners and participate in a global ecosystem where people work with Twaron. The "macro-lite" ULDs are built with the next generation reinforced composite materials making the containers fire-resistant for over four hours according to recent testing by the FAA and UPS.


Teijin Aramid’s Twaron fibre is heat-resistant and five times stronger than the same weight of steel.

By International Transportation Journal | March 16, 2016

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