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BigOceanData Launches Next-Generation Vessel Tracking System for Professional Market

Feb 19 2016

A new name has joined the vessel tracking sector with a product that promises to set new standards in functionality and user-friendliness. BigOceanData is the new brand from Globavista, the professional vessel tracking and monitoring provider trusted by industry professionals and government agencies alike. BigOceanData is a completely new service designed to meet the needs of today’s maritime sector: a web-based, full function, premium service that will meet the needs of the industry, all at a highly competitive price. 

BigOceanData is a completely new platform that has been under development for more than 12 months. Accessed via a web browser, its designers have gone to great efforts to ensure that while a wide array of information can be accessed and overlaid on the world map, it always remains easy on the eye and intuitive to operate.

With its years of experience and the customer feedback that comes with it, BigOceanData has introduced a number of significant improvements to the standard vessel tracking model.

At the top of the list is the fact that, unlike most providers, BigOceanData delivers satellite AIS data as standard. Users have access to full, global, undelayed AIS data, both terrestrial and satellite, regardless of the size of their fleet. This is in recognition both of the falling costs of satellite data and of the belief that no professional monitoring service should offer anything less than a complete global view.

The BigOceanData system also uniquely draws on other sources of vessel data to maximise the accuracy of the vessel plot information, such as third-party on-board tracking devices including SSAS and fisheries VMS transponders.

BigOceanData has also gone out of its way to offer a simple tariff structure. Essentially all the vessel monitoring functionality falls within the ‘basic’ tariff. This will meet the needs of the vast majority of users, leaving the only decision that affects the price being the number of vessels that they wish to track. A number of specialist ‘bolt-on’ functions are available that deliver information relating to specific issues such as piracy, SSAS support, various alerts and geofencing.

Other features that are either unique to BigOceanData or delivered at a new level of sophistication include:

  • An ‘in the vicinity’ feature that allows the flexible querying of events against individual vessels, weather events or piracy activity.
  • The integration of C-Map maritime charts with Google maps for maximum situational awareness for vessels at sea.
  • A unique least-risk routing capability in support of maritime security.
  • 12 months of historical data held online plus up to an additional four years offline.
  • 5-days of weather forecasts for anywhere in the world.

BigOceanData is committed to continuous improvement. New functionality will be continually added over time in response to customer demand and evolving technology, and the underlying infrastructure routinely optimised for speed and reliability. The initial launch will offer global coverage of vessels at sea. The development of specific ports functionality is now nearing completion and will be launched within 2 to 3 months.

“We believe that BigOceanData sets a whole new standard in vessel tracking monitoring,” says BigOceanData Director Steve Jones. “In particular, the technology of satellite AIS tracking is advancing rapidly and we are committed to passing those improvements on to our customer as they happen, ensuring that they always have access to the most accurate data available. We invite all those involved in vessel operations and management to try our free, fully functional, 72-hour free trial and see it in action for themselves.”

By: AJOT | February 19, 2016
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