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Port of Oakland welcomes back megaship Benjamin Franklin

Feb 16 2016

Oakland, Calif. - If it were a movie, they’d call it Megaship II. The 1,310-foot-long container vessel CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin makes its return to the Port of Oakland Feb. 26. Port officials confirmed today that Oakland will be one of three stops on the Franklin’s second U.S. visit. The largest vessel ever to call in this country, the Franklin will also stop in Long Beach and Seattle. It first arrived in Oakland New Year’s Eve on its maiden voyage.

“We’re excited to welcome back the Benjamin Franklin,” said John Driscoll, the Port’s Maritime Director. “It’s another chance to demonstrate the Port’s ability to service ultra-large vessels.”

The Franklin is operated by family-owned French carrier CMA CGM. It holds up to 18,000 20-foot containers

The Franklin is scheduled for arrival some time before 9 a.m. It will tie up at Oakland International Container Terminal Berths 55-56 in the Port’s Middle Harbor.

The terminal is located on Oakland Estuary. It will be the first time a vessel the size of the Franklin has entered the waterway. Port and CMA officials said they’re eager to see how the megaship responds. It called at Oakland’s Outer Harbor in December.

Spectators will have the opportunity to witness the Franklin’s arrival up close. It will tie up adjacent to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. That’s the closest-possible vantage point for sightseers. The park is located on Middle Harbor Road near 7th Street in Oakland.

By AJOT | February 16, 2016 
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