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3D metal printers for maritime spare parts

Feb 15 2016

The port of Rotterdam is to acquire an additive manufacturing field lab with own 3D metal printers. The lab, which will provide port-related companies with a common research location, will work on applications for the (maritime) industry.

The facility, costing several million euros, is to be located in the innovation dock at RDM Rotterdam. Last year, the Innovation Quarter, RDM Makerspace and the port of Rotterdam jointly initiated a pilot project for the 3D printing of spare parts for the maritime industry. Such an advanced 3D metal printer costs approximately EUR 1 million.

The eventual size of the field lab will depend on the participation of companies and institutions. At present, fifteen companies have signed a declaration of intent for participation in the lab, which should commence operations before the end of 2016.

International Transport Journal | February 15, 2016

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