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Spotlight turns on lithium batteries once again

Feb 11 2016

The USA's federal aviation administration (FAA) has issued a safety alert to US and foreign commercial passenger and cargo airlines, urging them to conduct a safety risk assessment to manage the risks associated with transporting lithium batteries as cargo. The FAA also is issuing guidance to its own inspectors to help them determine whether the airlines have adequately assessed the risk of handling and carrying lithium batteries as cargo.

The US national transportation safety board (NTSB) also published two safety recommendations last Tuesday. They require that lithium batteries be physically separated from other flammable hazardous materials stowed on cargo aircraft, and that maximum loading density requirements are established that restrict the quantities of lithium batteries and flammable hazardous materials.

These safety recommendations are derived from the investigation of the 28 July 2011, in-flight fire and crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 991 in international waters about 80 miles west of Jeju airport (South Korea).

By International Transport Journal | February 11, 2016 
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