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Aeronet Worldwide and Branson International Partner for Service Along the U.S.-Canada Lane Segment

Nov 9 2017

Aeronet Worldwide, a leading global logistics provider, and Branson International Inc., a top-rated Canadian transportation company, have announced a new partnership which will bolster their respective import/export services between the U.S. and Canada.

This venture is a two-way partnership, with business originating on either side of the border. Accounts based in the United States will be overseen by Aeronet’s current sales force, while accounts in Canada will be handled by a representative shared by both Aeronet and Branson.

Having previously worked together on and off for over 20 years, this newest partnering will strengthen that existing relationship, while expanding their collective reach. Both companies are staffed by some of the most experienced veterans within the transportation industry, and thus, are able to offer Clients throughout North America a more streamlined process for shipping along this lane segment.

Based out of Toronto, Branson specializes in integrated solutions customized to match the delivery requirements of their Clients, with an eye towards cost-effectiveness. Their network works to keep overhead down and service up, while holding on to the personal relationships that are so key to maintaining long-term business between shippers and their Clients.

Formed in 1982, originally to serve the burgeoning Bay Area tech industry, Aeronet Worldwide has since expanded into a global logistics solution provider that serves a variety of vertical market sectors, including automotive, tech, industrial, medical and warehousing.

The two-way partnership between Aeronet and Branson is currently underway.

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