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Spring Egg Hunt Held for Children with Visual Impairment a Success

May 15 2017

Aeronet Delivers Beeper Eggs to the Blind Babies Foundation’s Yearly Celebration

Although it is not difficult to appreciate the hardships that blind children must go through, one thing that often gets taken for granted is that they would not be able to partake in the festivities that other children enjoy, were it not for the dedication of groups like Blind Babies Foundation.

Blind Babies Foundation, a program of Junior Blind America, holds two annual spring egg hunts during the holiday season, tailored to allow children with vision impairment a chance to partake in the fun.

Blind Babies Foundation makes this possible by using specially designed beeping eggs—or, “Beeper Eggs” that are hidden around the parks where the events are held, and the children are set on the fun adventure of finding them. When they do find them, they are then exchanged for other plastic eggs which contain candy.

It can’t be overstated how important events like these are. Besides providing children with visual impairment the opportunity to enjoy the same kinds of activities as their peers, it also helps to de-stigmatize their disability, and in doing so, teaches them that they are able to live full, normal day-to-to-day lives.

The egg hunts were held on April 1st and 8th, in the California Bay Area and Central Valley, respectively. The days of celebration were rounded out with arts and crafts, music, food, and a visit from The Easter Bunny.

Aeronet Worldwide® is happy to say that it had a small hand in the celebrations, as it arranged the shipping and delivery of the Beeper Eggs for the Central Valley event, held at the AgVentures! Learning Center & Tractor Museum in Tulare. Aeronet has delivered pallets of the Beeper Eggs to this event for the past 7 years. Special attention must be paid to temperature control when delivering them—if they were allowed to sit in warm temperatures for too long, the chocolate inside of them would melt. Thankfully, being an experienced logistics provider, Aeronet was able to ensure that the candy was safe, ready to be enjoyed by the children on the day of the hunt.

Aeronet exceptionally proud to have partnered with Carl Zeiss Meditech, the sponsor for the Blind Babies Foundation’s event. For over 60 years, Blind Babies Foundation has served children with visual impairment, by “connecting families to families, helping development through early intervention and walking families through the medical process”. Their efforts have ensured that these children and their loved ones need not feel isolated from the traditions and celebrations that make up everyday life. Thanks to Blind Babies Foundation, everyone can join in the fun!

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