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World Series Trophy Tour Meets the Chicago Cubs in Arizona for Spring Training

Feb 27 2017

Sloan Park Hosts the One-and-Only Western Stop along the World Series Trophy Tour

Celebrations were held this past Friday at Sloan Park, in the city of Mesa, Arizona, home of the Chicago Cubs spring training, as the 2016 World Series trophy tour made its one and only stop out west. The day was one of revelry, providing regional Cubs fans with a chance to see and meet some of their favorite players, as well as the even rarer opportunity to snap a picture with the trophy.

The rally to welcome back the defending champions was part of the Mayor’s State of the City Breakfast Celebration, held not only to honor their historic victory, but also to kick off the start of the new season. The first games of pre-season spring training followed Thursday’s celebration, with the Cubs earning a good omen with their victory against the Oakland A’s the following day.

The celebration featured speeches from Cubs Manager Joe Maddon and several players, but the real star of the show was the World Series trophy. Cubs fans from all across the West and Southwest came out to see it and get their picture taken with it, many of them so committed that they stood in line overnight so as not to miss the 3-hour window for pictures.

By noon, over 500 folks were gathered at Sloan Park to watch left fielder Kyle Schwarber bring the trophy on stage. By the time people had lined up for a photo opportunity with it, the crowd was well over a thousand.

The Cubs’ World Series win this past November broke a 108-year championship drought, the longest in American professional sports history. That has made this World Series trophy tour all the more special, which made the job of ensuring the safe and timely delivery of it to Sloan Park all the more important.

Aeronet Worldwide had the honor of being chosen, by the Cubs organization itself, to oversee the trophy’s transportation from the Chicago Auto Show, which had hosted it since February 14th, to Sloan Park.

Much like the extra inning affair of Game 7, there was no room for error. The 97 ¼ X 37 1/8 X 43 3/8 , 150 lb. trophy had to get from Chicago to Mesa within a single day. Thankfully, Aeronet, who are used to ensuring the safe delivery of high-value, time-sensitive cargo, were up to the task.

As the trophy now heads back to Illinois, the Cubs have gotten off to a good start of the spring. They hope to repeat last year’s success, in order to bring the trophy home with them for a second season in a row. Should their efforts prove successful, Aeronet will be ready to see to it that the World Series trophy gets to where it needs to go, so that loyal fans will have another chance to see it up close, in all of its glory.

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