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Feb 13 2017

The lane segment between the United States and the United Kingdom, when it comes to shipping and receiving, just became more streamlined, thanks to a new partnering between two major logistics providers on either side of the pond.

Aeronet Worldwide and Norman Global Logistics, two of the leading logistics solutions providers in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively, have announced a new partnership which will seek to strengthen their import/export services between the two nations. Aeronet and Norman Global have worked together in the past, off and on for twelve years. This latest partnership will see an even distribution of responsibilities across sales and operations, with business originating on either end.

Norman Global Logistics was founded in 1970 in the U.K., where it currently operates out of five offices, as well as seven throughout Asia. They specialize in air, ocean and road freight services, as well as logistics operations, while also operating a dedicated recyclables program that focuses on the reverse supply chain.

Formed in 1982 as a one-man, one-truck operation that sought to serve the burgeoning Bay Area tech industry, Aeronet Worldwide has since expanded into a global logistics solution provider that serves a variety of vertical market sectors, including automotive, tech, industrial, medical and warehousing.

David Gibson, Vice President of International Business Development for Aeronet, says of the partnering, “This joint venture will offer a greater degree of service to companies who depend on exporting and importing between the United States and the United Kingdom. Although the two nations are close allies and strong trading partners, there still exist structural barriers that can always use easing. By combining our operational resources and the collective know-how of our Agents and Associates, Aeronet and Norman Global will be able to streamline the process by easing existing EU restrictions and licensing, as well as the fees from duties and taxes. That easement, and the subsequent savings that result from it, will be passed on directly to the Client.”

The two-way partnership between Aeronet and Norman Global is currently underway.

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