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Near Field Communication and the Future of Smart Shopping

Jan 10 2017
Of the various technologies that are set to transform the fabric of everyday life as we begin to approach the new decade, one which will have the most immediate and wide-ranging effects is Near Field Communications (NFC). The market for this technology—a set of communication protocols that connects two electronic devices, one of them usually a portable device such as a smartphone—is expected to reach $24 billion by the year 2020. The applications for NFC reach across a wide variety of industries: the monitoring of healthcare systems, the connection of separate energy systems, user authentication and access control for motor vehicles and security systems, and tech upgrades for electronics. However, the industry currently making the most of NFC, and the one most likely to see itself further altered over the course of the next few years, is retail. The ways in which the retail sector has already begun to use NFC to connect with consumers and streamline the modern shopping experience gives us a clear vision of what we can expect things to look like in the coming years, and while there is much reason to look forward to the optimization that it will bring about, there are also concerns over matters of privacy and personal space that come along with it.

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