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Mutually Assured Disruption: What a Trade War with China Would Mean for the Supply Chain

Jan 4 2017
With President-Elect Donald Trump set to take the oath of office in less than a month, the supply chain industry is gearing up for potential disruption on a scale which had previously seemed unthinkable. Already, companies within the United States have had to adjust certain expectations as a result of Trump’s electoral victory in November. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, and NAFTA is likely to be heavily renegotiated. But while the concerns over renegotiations between allies such as Mexico and Canada are prevalent, none of them carry the same weight as a potential trade war between the United States and its biggest trade partner, China. The result of such an event would be disastrous to both nations, especially in regards to the supply chain. With that in mind, the potential for it happening is very real, and those results deserve to be looked at closely.

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