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Fresher For Longer

Aug 3 2016

Cardboard and plastic packaging have been competing with each other for a long time in the field of fruit and vegetable transport. Bologna university has found out that fruit and vegetables in crates made of corrugated cardboard stay fresh up to three days longer.

Bologna university has presented results of scientific research into perishables transport options which illustrates that fruit hauled in crates made of corrugated cardboard stay fresh up to three days longer than if they are ­transported in comparable re-usable boxes made of plastic. The research was conducted at the university’s institute of agricultural and foodstuff sciences, and headed by professor Rosalba Lanciotti. Together with her team she analysed how the process of microbe and germ exchange between the produce and its packaging takes place.

The Italian scientist said that using crates made of corrugated cardboard enables the parties involved to substantially reduce the contamination caused by some pathogenic and harmful micro-­organisms.

Reusable plastic containers cannot be cleaned so well that all micro- organisms are killed off. This means that the next time a plastic boxes is used the fruit transported therein spoils rather more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

 On top of this the scientists realised that the risk of damaging fruit and vege­tables during transport is also smaller in corrugated cardboard crates.

Bologna university’s research results are of interest to supermarkets too, for microbiological impurities in fruit and vegetable consignments also present a problem for retail chains.       

By Rüdiger Frisch, via ITJ

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