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Trade Analysts Wary of U.S. Protectionism

Jul 13 2016

Panjiva CEO Josh Green calls Brexit a wake up call for U.S. supply chain managers.

Panjiva tracks companies involved in global trade, serving as an intelligence platform for the supply chain community.

According to Panjiva data, U.S. export of goods in 2015 was about $1.5 trillion.

The country’s three largest trading partners—Canada, Mexico, and China—buy about $620 billion worth of products from us each year. This means that Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, wants to pick fights with customers that represent 41% of America’s exports.

“And that’s excluding Trans-Pacific Partnership countries,” says Green.

He adds that British support for Brexit served as a warning to Europe’s leaders that globalization is not delivering inclusive growth. Furthermore, says Green, initiating conflict with trading partners is unlikely to bring jobs back to the United States.

“In fact, nothing is likely to bring substantial numbers of manufacturing jobs back to the United States,” he contends.

By Patrick Burnson, via Supply Chain Management

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