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BTS reports March declines in value of U.S.-NAFTA freight pipeline at 87.2 percen

Jun 2 2016

The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported this week that that U.S. trade with its North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners Canada and Mexico dropped 5.8 percent on an annual basis in March to $90.5 billion.

Truck commodities in March were off 1.1 percent, which BTS said was the smallest annual decline of any mode it tracks. Trucks carried 67.3 percent of U.S.-NAFTA trade in March and accounted for $31.4 billion, or 65.3 percent, of the $48.0 billion in imports and $29.5 billion, or 69.4 percent, of the $42.5 billion in exports for the month.

Rail commodities were the second highest in value by mode, moving 15.5 percent of all U.S.-NAFTA freight, with vessel next at 4.5 percent, air at 4.0 percent and pipeline at 3.6 percent, with truck, rail, and pipeline handling 86.4 percent of total U.S.-NAFTA freight flows.

The value of U.S.-Canada freight totaled $46.4 billion in March, which was down 8.8 percent annually as all modes of transportation carried a lower value of U.S.-Canada freight annually. BTS said lower crude oil prices were a factor in the decrease, with crude oil moved by vessel and pipeline down 34.4 percent and 53.3 percent, respectively, annually.

The value of U.S.-Mexico freight came in at $44.1 billion in December, which was down 2.6 percent annually, with all modes but truck carrying a lower value of U.S.-Mexico freight than the same period the previous year. Trucks carried 72.7 percent of the value of freight to and from Mexico, with rail at 14 percent, vessel at 6.8 percent, air at 3 percent, and pipeline at 8.7 percent.

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