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JFK Logistics Operation Center for Aeronet Worldwide Relocated to a New Office

Mar 6 2017

Aeronet’s New York gateway has received an upgrade.


Aeronet Worldwide has announced that it has relocated its New York operations center to a new office. The move took place at the end of February, with the new, larger space opening its doors on the 28th of that month. This marks the latest in a series of personnel and operations expansions for the global logistics solutions provider.

The new office is strictly operations-based, with JFK having long been one of Aeronet’s main gateways for international import and export services.

The office, located within a 5-minute drive of JFK International Airport, is an upgrade from the modest, but important, operations center previously used by Aeronet. Part of the reasoning behind this move is the need for a larger space, as the company is looking to build its presence in the New York metropolitan area.

Another reason for the move has to do with Aeronet’s proximity to its New York Agent. The new office is located directly above said Agent’s office, thus ensuring an even more streamlined relationship, the benefits of which Aeronet plans to pass onto their Clients.

The new JFK office is located at: Aeronet Worldwide

167-16 146th Ave, 2nd Floor

Jamaica, NY 11413

9800) 847-5135

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